Expansion on the European market

This is how we have reached the expansion on the European market. The year 2023 was about taking big steps towards and expanding on the European market. We are proud to have reached an important milestone in our company’s development. We stepped into a new stage of our evolution as a producer of aircraft tugs and aviation hangar accessories.

Poland, Germany and Hungary are the countries where you can find our products. Our customers from these countries are big names in the aviation industry, like Aero Poznan. Also private airplane owners are exited to use our tugs in their daily hangar activities and flight preparation.

There is no greater feeling towards our us and our products than the trust from our customers. The appreciation for the design, quality, price and usability, as well as our responsiveness to optimization and support are the main criteria for Infinity Tugs being chosen as a provider.

This new year 2024 comes with even bigger plans and challenges for us. Expect to see us even more present at events, with new models and adapting to today’s aviation’s needs.