The launch of the first Romanian electric tug

Our first Infinity Tug prototype was born. Years of research, design, engineering and testing finally paid off.

By launching our full electric airplane tug, we offer you an improved experience and an easy way of transporting your aircraft in and out of the hangar. The effortlessly handling of the tug will save you lot of time and energy while preparing for your flight.

We have put a lot of effort in the design of the tug, creating a perfect balance between look and functionality. Made of carbon fiber, the fairing was modernly shaped so it can blend in smoothly, along the aircrafts in your hangar.

The tug is equipped with a Li-Ion removable battery. It disposes of a light bar that will light your way if it gets darker.

The easy handling is assured by the 1 m branded handle where you can find the mission control panel. The electrical winch can pull up to 1750 kg.

Technical details:

Control panel with knobs for the following commands: winch, speed: low, medium, high, reverse, cruise control function, led bar, compressor, and an emergency button that when pushed it instantly stops all functions of the tug.

The throttle is located on the right side lever.

The 2 m long strap for attaching and pulling the wheel on the tug, is made of high resistance material and wrapped in natural leather (to ensure a scratchless loading of your aircraft).

The tug is suited for a 4000 kg aircraft with a maximum of 1000 kg ramp load.

The silent motor and the easy handling of the tug will transform the towing of your airplane into a real pleasure.