Easy aircraft handling with our wheel dollies and chocks

Organizing your hangar to fit all your needs has never been easier. Using the wheel dollies 360 for placing your aircraft as optimal as you want, will give you the benefit of a well organized space in the hangar. Made of stainless steel, the dolly is equipped with a ramp for sliding the aircraft wheel onto.

Depending on the number of wheels of your aircraft, you can use two or three dollies for arranging the aircraft to its designated place. By using the wheel dolly 360 you can gain up to 50% more space in the hangar. The dolly follows the aviation color panel for moving objects, being painted in yellow. Of course we can personalize the dolly with a different color, upon request.

Another indispensable accessory for organizing your hangar, are the heavy duty wheel chocks. Made of stainless steel, this is the securing detail that you need to have in your hangar.

What about lighter wheel chocks that you can take with you on board and use them for an overnight stay in a different hangar? Yes, we have that too. Very practical and light, made of resistant rubber, the mini chocks are a perfect fit on the go. Think about upgrading your hangar space and make your life easier with our wheel dollies and chocks.